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2011 Jubilarians

A Jubilarian is a person observing 25 or more years of religious life, and a Jubliee is the celebration of their religious profession. Generally, 25 years of religious life and 50 years of religious life mark special Jubliees (anniversaries), as do those marking the decades beyond. This year, the following Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh are Jubilarians.



Sister Roberta Campbell, OSB

“I am Challenged to Live with Outrageous Hope. This mantra with which Sister Roberta Campbell embraces every day of her Benedictine life grew out of a lifetime of finding good and finding God in all situations. “My parents taught me by example that the binding force of love can form lovely patterns of graciousness, friendship, gentleness and humor that would be constants for me in my life no matter what I did.” This year Sister Roberta celebrates 50 years of Benedictine Religious life and looks forward to future years with excitement.

Compassionate, enthusiastic and hospitable, Sister Roberta is a community builder, welcoming people into whatever is going on around her. With commitment, she puts her whole heart into serving others. These attributes have made her a leader throughout her life as she ministered in education, campus ministry, parish ministry, and leadership in the Benedictine community as Prioress, Council member, Liturgy director and formation director. She presently teaches at Carlow University helping students to become good teachers.

Grounded by Benedictine spirituality and faith, she loves especially two aspects of her monastic life: 1. the liturgical prayer … “I know that this is the source of my daily energy and zeal for ministry.” 2. the manner of communal life … “Our sisters genuinely care for one another and in a variety of ways have helped me to grow as a person, a monastic woman and a professional through their support.”

“These 50 years have been such a blessing!” With appreciation for past years, Sister Roberta finds hope going into the future with her Benedictine sisters who embrace the challenges of looking at future planning with a sense of adventure as a community united in love.”


Sister Audrey Quinn, OSB

“As long as I can remember I either wanted to be a cowgirl, a movie star or a sister!” Sister Audrey Quinn was influenced and impressed enough by Benedictine teachers she had in grade school and high school that she chose to embrace their way of life. “They were peaceful. They were happy … I wanted to be like those women.” This year Sister Audrey celebrates 50 years of a fulfilling life as a Benedictine Sister of Pittsburgh.

With creativity and dynamic energy, Sister Audrey actively shares and extends her love of Benedictine values to all she encounters in her ministries. After teaching for 25 years in Catholic schools in the Dioceses of Pittsburgh and Greenburg, she nurtured more than 160 foster children for 16 years in Greene County. She presently ministers as Director of the Salvation Army Greene County Service Center where she maintains a free clothing/household warehouse, coordinates Emergency Disaster Services Mobile Canteen, coordinates fund-raising and public relations and helps clients with basic needs.

Always active in the service of others, Sister Audrey has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Meal on Wheels, St. Ann Soup Kitchen, United Way Appeals. She has served as President of Greene County CYS Foster Parent Association, and on Boards of Catholic Charities, Corner Cupboard Food Bank, Greene County Human Services, MADD, Eldercare. She has received the 2010 John F. Grady Award for Outstanding Service to Community, was one of ten finalists in the 2009 “For All the Ways You Care” award, and was chosen as a recipient of the 2008 CVS “100 Extraordinary Women” award. She truly lives with a Benedictine heart, embracing the Gospel message to care for one another.


Sister Mary Kay Easly, OSB

Influenced by fun childhood visits at Saint Benedict Monastery with her Aunt, Sister Eleanor, Sister Mary Kay Easly came to Religious life from Barnesboro in 1949. This year she celebrates 60 years of faithfulness to life with the Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh.

Grounded by Benedictine stability, Sister Mary Kay finds that living Religious life is a daily on-going process. “The longer I’ve been here, the more changing and growing I still need to accomplish before I become what God wants me to be. To do this, I live in this Benedictine Community of different types of women with the same goal in mind, but each of us uses our different talents.”

Sister Mary Kay has used her great love of books to help children with reading and her reading skills to proof-read community documents. Though quiet and reserved by nature, when she is not reading, she enjoys being with people, doing crafts and helping out wherever she can.

Her love of Benedictine life - with its charism of balance in prayer, work and community - is strong, and her hope for the future of Religious Life is “that more women with their ideas of doing good would set aside their fears and worries – come and be with us and see how many ways one can use her talents to make others appreciate God. This way we can change others to do good.”


Sister Rosalyn Soller, OSB

“I feel Religious Life has enabled me to do more on every level than I would have been able to do outside of Religious Life … It is a happy life where the whole person can experience transformation – physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.” These are the words of Benedictine Sister Rosalyn Soller reflecting on her 60 years of living a life faithful to seeking and serving God.

Deeply prayerful, in tune with the Spirit within her, Sister Rosalyn embodies a serene witness to the presence of God in everyday, ordinary life. She lives simply with strong faith and peace derived from spiritual trust as she finds God in her gardening, in her community living and especially in the people she serves in her ministry. “I work in a parish where the faith and devotion of the people inspire me to greater fidelity. They minister to me as much as I minister to them,” she says of people she works with in adult education at Saint Teresa of Avila Parish. “My ministry allows me to use every gift that I have for God’s people.” Her 60 years of ministering as Educator, Formation Director, Sub-Prioress, Retreat Director, Outreach Counselor - have blessed her with many gifts to offer as she serves with gratitude for the people she encounters.

As Sister Rosalyn continues her religious commitment she hopes “that our Community can be a force for the transformation of the secular culture in which we live and minister … and that other wonderful women may join us.”



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