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Sister Alice Rock
My life as a Benedictine Sister is fruitful and rewarding for me.

Sister Anne Lazar
I love my name and my patron!

Sister Audrey Quinn
My life is an adventure… I’m glad I didn’t become a cowgirl or movie star…how boring by comparison!

Sister Barbara Helder
One of things I like most about Benedictine spirituality is its truth that God is found in the everyday happenings of life.

Sister Benita DeMatteis
It is wonderful to live with other persons who hold the same values as I and together to bring those values to the world through our ministry, prayer and reflection. 

Sister Beth Carrender
God’s faithfulness has been the foundation of my life that has enabled me to do the things I’ve done, and share in the lives of so many wonderful people.

Sister Bridget Reilly
God has called me and continues to call me daily to listen with the ear of my heart.

Sister Christine Makowski
Living in a religious community has challenged me every day to be “for real”.
Sister Corinne Moeller
The “Prayer of the Church” or Divine Office and contemplative prayer have always been the point of stability in my Benedictine life to this day.
Sister Dolores Conley
My life has been most blessed but the greatest blessing has been the support and love of my sisters in Christ.

Sister Donna Wojtyna
My favorite quote from both the Rule of St. Benedict and the Psalms is:  “Be still and know that I am God.”
Sister Elizabeth Matz
I feel great joy in the success of my Sisters in community. Their gifts grace me and the people that they serve.
Sister Evelyn Dettling
When I think of my life in this Benedictine Community all I can say is, “Thank you God”.
Sister Florence Lynch
God calls each of us to share our gifts with others.

Sister Georgine Schweers
I am most grateful for our life of common prayer, our leadership and history and being a part of a wonderful Benedictine family

Sister Irene Moeller
And always I live what Benedict taught: “That in all things God may be glorified.”

Sister Jeanne Ubinger
I am a happy Benedictine Sister, ready and willing to serve the Lord for years to come, in whatever ways He asks.

Sister Joann Hothersall
I was drawn to St. Benedict's Monastery by their very strong life of prayer and community.

Sister Judith Ann Criner
The Rule of St.Benedict gives me a wealth to strive toward – day by day – I start afresh in “transformation” to achieve the status of “a good monastic”.

Sister Judith Nero
I am eager to invite women to consider living, praying and serving as a Benedictine woman in our monastic community.

Sister Julia Makowski
It’s been a rather full life, I’d say, and an abundantly blest one as well!

Sister Karen Brink
PRAYER sustains me, COMMUNITY supports me, and my MINISTRY allows me to proclaim the kingdom of God.

Sister Linda Larkman
My hope, prayer and suggestion is that you never stop asking or listening to your heart.

Sister Lucille Snyder
I love my community.

Sister Mary Agnes Gmuer
I have always been amazed by small miracles that have occurred through my life.

Sister Mary David Lecker
This Benedictine Community is where God has called me to be and I find peace here.

Sister Mary James Dippold
Being a Benedictine Sisters provides the opportunity for many different ways of serving God’s people.

Sister Michael Mack
Gardening is my prayer, my hobby and my outlet.


Sister Michele (Shelly) Farabaugh
I know I am where I am meant to be and the journey to this place was God’s way of calling me.

Sister Michelle Farabaugh
I value the call in our Rule to live a balanced life, with regular prayer while opening ourselves in hospitality to those who are in need in the world around us.

Sister Monica Steiner
I wouldn't trade being a Benedictine Sister for anything.

Sister Nancy Booth
Wherever I encounter beauty, I encounter God.

Sister Roberta Campbell
I feel as though I’ve been a Benedictine “all my life”!

Sister Rosalyn Soller
I think I’ve had an exciting life!

Sister Rose Budicky
Living the Benedictine way of life is most rewarding.

Sister Susan Merrie English
Here is a way of life that allows me to live my values with a group of other women who are also dedicated to living in right relationship, seeking to make the world a better place.
Sister Susan Fazzini
I view life as an incredible adventure with twists and turns that make life grand!!!

Sister Susanne Chenot
“Listen, my daughter”

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