Sister Benita DeMatteis

I have been a member of this Benedictine Community for the last 60 years and the thing I have grown to love best about it is the family atmosphere.  This Community has provided me an excellent education and offered me the opportunity to grow through my ministry as teacher, administrator, diocesan consultant and Prioress.  Everything I have become I hope to give back to the Community through living each day of my life to its fullest.

I have always loved the field of education in which I ministered for 50 years.  The students and teachers gave back to me much more than I ever gave to them.  My hope was that they would take the persons that they were developing and give back to society and the church as their contribution for the gift of life.

I like the simplicity of our life and the structure of daily prayer, ministry, and mingling with one another.  It is wonderful to live with other persons who hold the same values as I and together to bring those to the world through our ministry, prayer and reflection.  Every day I am privileged to see a ray of sunshine from the Sisters around me which gives me the strength and encouragement to live the new day. 

This Benedictine life has taught me that God wants me to love so powerfully and passionately that I forget about myself and take risks for what I love.  My prayer each day is that God will be the very breath of my soul, and the creative energy that gives me life and carries me through all my days for His greater honor and glory.



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