Sister Corinne Moeller

How did I find my Benedictine vocation? Let me tell you a story.
When I was seven, at the time of my First Holy Communion, the Lord planted the seed of a vocation in my soul. Since I was taught by the Adrian Dominican Sisters in the first to fourth grades, it was the white habit, black veil and long 15-decade rosary hanging from their belt that first drew my attention. The kindness with which my teachers taught, and the creative methods they used motivated my love of learning.  Later, these role models would prove to be a starting point in my desire to become a teacher.

I was born and raised until I was ten years old in Chicago, Illinois.  Then my father died and my mother, my two younger sisters and I moved to Pittsburgh to live with my aunt in Bellevue. There I met the Baden Sisters of St. Joseph at the Assumption School. Again—great teachers and inspiring models.  I also spent one year with my two sisters at St. Xavier Academy in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, in boarding school, where we were taught by the Pittsburgh Sisters of Mercy.  Finally in 1950, I became a student at St. Benedict Academy in Ross Township under the tutelage of the Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh.  It was there that my vocation began to surge forward.

I had encountered four religious communities of women – all doing wonderful work for God!  Where was it that God wanted me to serve? Each community had its own lifestyle, its own prayer style and its own selection of ministries.  In my sophomore year, I tried the Preparatory Class at the Dominican Sisters’ Motherhouse in Adrian, Michigan.  That experience revealed to me that their community was too large and too far reaching for me.  So I came back to Pittsburgh and returned to St. Benedict Academy.  It took a lot of prayerful discernment to decide to enter the Benedictine Novitiate as a senior in high school.

Why am I now a Benedictine Sister? The Benedictine prayer life is what I love most—meaningful prayer together—praying for the world’s needs through the Catholic Church and Community life—knowing each other through daily acts of kindness—appreciation of each Sister’s talents—support of each one in their joys and sorrows. I’m so glad I listened to God’s call in my heart!



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