Sister Elizabeth Matz

Opportunities that allow me to utilize God’s gifts give me the energy that I need to meet the challenges of everyday life. The innate innocence and honesty of children give them a beauty that radiates and warms those around them; I consider them a true gift in my life and in the world.
I feel great joy in the success of my Sisters in community. Their gifts grace me and the people that they serve.

The gift of nature also brings me much joy and feeds my soul. To experience the change of seasons allows me to watch God’s artistry in action. The canvas encompasses my world and lets me know of God’s daily providence.

My passion centers around the study and understanding of Sacred Scripture and Monastic Living. I seek daily renewal in communal prayer and Eucharist.

Striving to assist in bringing hospitality and justice to the world – at least to the places where I reside – is one of the personal quests that I willingly accept on a daily basis.



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