Sister Irene Moeller

The longer I live the Benedictine vowed life the more I appreciate the Rule of Benedict. It is grounded in the Old and New Testaments and in Jesus, the risen Lord, and transcends both time and circumstances.

One virtue that comes to the fore in page after page, chapter after chapter, of the Rule is HOPE.

The history of our foremothers coming from Eichstatt, Bavaria over 155 years ago still keeps me in awe of their trust. This trust came from their obedience to the Rule.

For me, too, the vow of obedience is the big “O” in my life. It’s not merely a YES, YES, YES response. It is a daily listening and trusting that my right relationship with God and others will tie me tightly to the bigger picture of a hope-filled and just future for all of God’s family.

In our world day by day and hour by hour I see and hear from every direction a “me” attitude. Then I experience Benedict’s loving embrace through my monastic family. This gives me the impetus to cultivate an oasis of hope with all to whom I minister.

By obedience to my Prioress, my sisters and my daily companions I experience God with and through them. Gradually hope surfaces and I know that in my own small way I can help to overcome a culture of fear and global suffering. And always I live what Benedict taught: “That in all things God may be glorified.”





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