Sister Mary Agnes Gmuer

In 8th grade my favorite subject was Religion and I was totally into it.  Sister Mary Edmund was my teacher and she had many traits that were very admirable, so of course, I wanted to be like her. In high school the desire to be a Sister was strong, but I also thought I might like to join the Air Force. One of my Benedictine friends gave me a copy of the Rule of St. Benedict to peruse and after spending a long time reading through different sections I knew then that I wanted to be a Benedictine as opposed to being a School Sister of Notre Dame like my older sister.

I am proud of my Community and all the good we have done throughout our history. I am proud of my educational accomplishments: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Licensed Practical Nurse. In addition to teaching for 23 years, I have been privileged to serve my Community members as the infirmary director and for 19 years as the procurator. For two and a half years I was the receptionist/secretary of the Benedictine Senior Center.  Currently, I am in charge of maintenance. In all my ministries I enjoy working with and coming in contact with many kind and generous people. I try to embody the Benedictine vision of reverence for all creation by caring especially for the monastery buildings and goods. I have found great delight in seeing the smiles on the faces of people when I am able to successfully provide for their needs. I also consider it an honor to welcome people to our monastery.

I have always been amazed by the small miracles that have occurred through my life. Just when I think I haven’t a clue how to do a certain thing or accomplish a certain task, something (or Someone!) makes it work.

The religious life has been a very blessed and happy one for me with many various and interesting experiences. My prayer and hope is that many more women will listen and follow the call of Jesus to our Benedictine way of life.


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