Sister Mary Edward Skovran

God’s breath in me enabled me to come into this world on December 8, 1928.  Nineteen years later on December 28, 1947, God summoned me to become a Benedictine Sister of Pittsburgh.

At one time I began to write the story of my life, but never finished it.  Actually, I still have a copy of this “beginning” divided into three parts—Family, Education, Religious Life.

Yes, I have had many experiences in this “long life” of growing into the woman I have become. Here is a brief glimpse of each part.

We were a large family, mom, day and children. Nine children survived to adulthood. I, alone, am the sole living member. Here, in my family, I learned to love, respect, pray, and obey; to be kind, considerate, helpful and thankful; to share “goodies,” chores, duties and above all to be responsible.  Despite our weaknesses, sorrow, and woes we were happy to be together.

Although I began my education the Pittsburgh Public School System, Kindergarten and Grade 1B, I completed my elementary education at Saint Mary’s School. For high school I attended St. Benedict Academy (SBA). Throughout these last 11 years, my teachers were the Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh. Thanks to their concern, encouragement and example, I thrived. Prepared to go out into the adult world, I got a job and worked for 1½ years earning $12.00 a week. It was then that I answered God’s summon.

1947 to 2014 -- The Community welcomed me and I’m still here!  It is here that I experienced living in God’s love among women with like values; seeking God in prayer, work, life together in a caring Community; and reaching out to others through the various ministries in which I have been engaged. At first, we were educators; then we branched out to serve in other capacities. I have been a teacher and/or principal at many different schools in Pennsylvania and Ohio.  After 35 years in education, I moved into the services for the elderly—the Adult day Care, then the Senior Citizen Center as volunteer librarian and coordinator of the lunch program.  Later, I worked in our Community Business Office or wherever I was needed.

For me, to be a Benedictine is a lifelong learning experience. Truly, it is a transforming, intense “listening with the ear of the heart.”


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