Sister Monica Silan

When I graduated from high school in 1946, I did not have the finances necessary to attend college.  I found employment and began to work in a newspaper office.  This was fine for about three years. Then I began to experience a deep longing to know God more personally and to fill my life with more meaning.  A priest-counselor gave me reading material about many different communities of Catholic Sisters but there was no information about Benedictines.  I read the articles with interest but nothing seemed to answer my dilemma, nothing spoke to me.

During this time, I chanced to send for a small booklet advertised in a Catholic newspaper entitled, “To Seek God.”  This booklet was about Benedictine life and I knew at once that this was my answer!  I contacted the Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh even though I had never heard of them before reading “To Seek God”.  The Sisters welcomed me into their midst and that was the beginning of my wonderful and enriching life.

Now, I am ninety years old and I have never regretted my decision to become a Benedictine!  For almost seventy years, I have lived with many Sisters, all of whom were seekers of God, and I have found peace.  Together we have prayed, studied, taught school, and fulfilled many different ministries. Every day I thank God for having led me to this Benedictine life of community, prayer and work.





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