Sister Nancy Booth

I met the Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh in Canton, Ohio while I was attending St. Benedict Elementary School. I used to go to Church and listen to them say the Divine Office and I really liked to pray with them. I’d often accompany my Dad when he would be doing small jobs for the Sisters. As a result, when I was 18, I went to Pittsburgh to join the Benedictine Community. In a blink of an eye more than 50 years have flown by since I became a Sister.

I’ve always liked to help people. One of the ministries I loved was doing child care; I was in charge of the infants and toddlers. I was very kind to the children and we had lots of fun together but it took only one look to let them know when I meant business.

If you visit our gift shop, you will find a selection of greeting cards which I have had the happiness of making for years. It’s nice to hear people “ooh and aah” when they pick them up and look at them. I also enjoy going to the St. Athanasius Community Center and teaching people how to design and make their own cards.  It is fun to see their excitement when they have successfully completed their project.  

My prayer gives me life; personal prayer and sacred reading. I love to watch nature in our little part of the world: the birds, the animals and flowers on our property. I enjoy spending time with good friends and listening to the symphony on CD. Wherever I encounter beauty, I encounter God.


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