Sister Roberta Campbell

I feel as though I’ve been a Benedictine “all my life”! I grew up in St. Benedict Parish, Carrolltown, served by Benedictine priests from St. Vincent’s; went to St. Benedict grade school, lived on St. Benedict Street, was taught by the Benedictine Sisters.

I went to St. Benedict Academy for high school and entered the community my senior year. I received my undergraduate degree in Music from St. Joseph College in Rensselaer, Indiana and my graduate degree in Liturgical Studies from Notre Dame University, IN.

There were two things that drew me to the community: one was the monastic prayer (in our parish we sang Vespers and sometimes Compline along with the Benedictine priests and sisters). There was such a peaceful feeling that came with the prayer. The other thing was the example of the sisters who taught me – they were all such good women!

I love to read, sing, and play the piano and organ. I enjoy talking with people in casual settings – more over a cup of coffee/tea. I like to work crossword puzzles, play cards, scrabble and play games on the computer. I enjoy movies and taking walks.

My favorite part of the Rule is the Prologue and Chapter 72 (Good Zeal). From my having been the Prioress for 12 years Chapter 64 is pretty worn out because I read it almost every day. I love to read anything that is Benedictine – especially Joan Chittister’s books.

I believe that the Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh are the greatest group of women!! We believe in one another and support one another in good and bad times; there is a welcoming spirit that permeates our home because of the people who reside here. We are not perfect, but that’s okay – we are “making the journey together” – RB72 “To their community members (fellow monks) they show the pure love of sisters.”

The community has helped me to become the person that I am today. My parents certainly were the primary “formators” but the community continued to encourage my development in various ways. Every time I became comfortable doing a particular ministry, I was challenged to try something new. Because I was willing to say “yes”, I have had wonderful experiences and met amazing people who have had a profound impact on my life.



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