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Sr. Susan Merrie English is a stimulating motivator, supportive companion, gentle listener, and loyal cheerleader as she carefully guides clients toward more success and a feeling of fully alive satisfaction both in work and in life.

Are you having trouble finishing a book, seeking tenure and promotion, or striving to finish a thesis or dissertation? Are you stalled on big projects, stressed in your relationships or overwhelmed with life in general? Are you feeling rushed, confused or disorganized? Are you procrastinating, seeking solutions that seem elusive and longing for more support? Then coaching is an option that can work for you.

As Leadership and Life Coach, Sr. Susan specializes in inner conflict resolution, positive self-talk and procrastination solutions. She helps clients develop brain based success habits, increase their emotional intelligence and improve their interpersonal communications. Each coaching session is tailored to the individual and co-designed with the client for maximum effectiveness.

What is coaching?
A coach, unlike a counselor or therapist, looks for strengths in the present and helps the client use those strengths to move forward in accomplishing specific goals. Unlike counselors and therapists, who develop medical diagnoses as they look into the past to locate the source of problems and heal wounds, a coach assumes a client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. As a coach, Sr. Susan helps individuals identify strengths, clarify goals, develop next steps, create accountability structures, celebrate successes and integrate spirituality into each objective as they move forward.

Coaching as ministry
“Listen with the ear of your heart” resonated with me when I was first introduced to the Rule of Saint Benedict during my discernment to become a Religious Sister in midlife. I had already discovered the importance of listening as I was raising six children. In graduate school, I continued to explore listening in my academic studies and in my teaching. Now, in monastic life, it has become the essence of my ministry. I listen to people to help them discover their own voice, the voice of their heart and the voice of the Spirit. In the process they become more aware of their own strengths, more forgiving of their own weaknesses, more resourceful using their own talents and awakening the feeling of being more fully alive.

Free sample sessions are offered by appointment.
For more information call Sr. Susan at 412-931-0769. Coaching and sample sessions can be done by phone, Zoom, Skype or in person.

Professional Credentials

Sr. Susan is the Co-Director and an instructor in the Duquesne University Professional Coach Certification Program. She is a CTI (Coaches Training Institute) graduate and is an accredited coach at the MCC level through the International Coach Federation. In her coaching Sr. Susan draws on her experience as a teacher, college professor, and parent as well as her own personal growth journey from marriage and family to religious life. She is the mother of three birthed and three adopted children. Sr. Susan Merrie has a doctorate in education and has experience in public, private, and criminal justice school systems where she specialized in individualizing instruction and building community. Sr. Susan is a social justice advocate and has been engaged in helping individuals improve their lives for over 30 years.

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