Monastic Life & Hospitality

The Primacy of Prayer

Flowing from the Rule of St. Benedict, the primary ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh is to pray the Liturgy of the Hours communally for the Church, the People of God.  


Ministry of Hospitality

In the Rule of St. Benedict, hospitality is of great importance for he says that the guest is to be received as Christ. In this spirit of hospitality, the Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh have opened their hearts and their home to those most in need, people referred to the Sisters by Catholic Charities and other agencies.

  • Refugee families from Vietnam, Cambodia, Uganda, Bosnia, and Mexico have found safe haven and help in rebuilding their lives among the Sisters.

  • Students, women religious and single lay women from foreign countries including India, Kenya, Uganda, Australia, Ireland, Colombia, the Bahamas, and Canada have been offered lodging and tutoring as they pursue studies at the universities and colleges in the area.

  • Single Women in Transition have been given room, board and other supportive services until they were able to attain work and lodging for themselves.

  • Individuals and Families in Medical Crisis have received lodging while they or a loved one receives treatment at one of the many hospitals in the area.

Ministry of Spirituality

The heart of Benedictine Spirituality is to seek God above all things, to pursue peace, to reverence all people as Christ. The Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh are eager to share Benedictine spirituality and values with others in a variety of ways which include but are not limited to: day-long workshops called “Spiritual Spas”, Spiritual Direction, Contemplative Prayer Experiences, and retreats, both private and directed.

Ministry of Justice

On the national level, the Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh, in collaboration with the Federation of St. Scholastica and the National Conference of Women Religious, advocate for a more just and sustainable world. 

Locally, our Monastic Community works collaboratively with other religious women in the Diocese of Pittsburgh to promote awareness of and participation in issues of peace and justice. Several of our Sisters are members of PATH to Justice, a committee of the Catholic Sisters Leadership Council (a collaboration of 14 Communities of Catholic Sisters in south-western Pennsylvania).  PATH to Justice addresses Gospel justice with a focus on issues current and relevant throughout the area.   

Within our Community, the Benedictines for Peace committee sponsors a Peace Vigil each New Year’s Eve for both the Sisters and the public. It also provides informational workshops on pertinent justice issues.


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