Our Prayer

“Saint Benedict placed high value on praying in Community, intending common prayer to be a sustaining force for his followers in their personal lives of prayer and work. Benedict strongly emphasized the value of the Liturgy of the Hours (Work of God) when he declared that nothing is to be preferred to it. The Liturgy of the Hours is the recurring sign of the Community’s unity with Christ and within itself.”
(from Of Time Made Holy)

When our Sisters gather three times daily for the Liturgy of the Hours and also for the celebration of the Eucharist we are responding to Benedict’s call for community prayer and our need to pray daily, to pray with others and together to put on the mind of Christ. Praying the Liturgy of the Hours in choirs together invites us in to the rhythmical dance of speaking and listening. These are community acts and foster community awareness that encourage our continual striving toward conversion of life and union with God.

Benedictine prayer is rooted in the Psalms and other books of Scripture. We are women of the Book. Scripture permeates our day in the Liturgy of the Hours and our personal or communal sacred reading (Lectio Divina).

Our life is characterized by keeping a constant consciousness of the presence of God, even in the ordinary and mundane. When Benedictine Sisters remain open to God’s presence (monastic mindfulness) in all our activities of work, leisure or prayer we are allowing God to intervene in our lives and transform us. God has power in our lives whether we are in a very contemplative period or feeling emotionally/spiritually empty.


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